Legal and Tax advice buying or selling property in Spain

1.- We verify the following aspects of your future property:

Ownership and any outstanding charges  (mortgages, embargos or easements).
That its surface area coincides with that of the Property Registration Office.
That it complies with regulations and can be used for the intended use.
That there are no ongoing legal cases
That there are not any upcoming construction projects that could devalue the property (i.e a high building in front of it which may obscure its views)
That it does not invade the public domain if the property is adjacent to coasts or forests

2.- We assist in Private Contracting:

Preparing deposit contracts, deposits, purchase option, contracts of purchase and sale.

3.- We assist in the Notarial Process

Reviewing the draft of the public deed of sale and assiting the client at the Notary on the day of signing the contract.