What is a Home Inspection

A home inspection is a profesional consulting service that reveals a property’s distinct qualities and overall condition, based on a visual non-destructive inspection of accesible features.

How important is a Home Inspection

Buying a new property is a huge decisión. There are many factors to consider, and the condition of the property you are purchasing is one of the most important. Without this type of inspection, buyers would be left with unanswered questions and at the mercy of Sellers and realtors with biased interests.

Unknown defects can turn into expensive problems down the road. A home inspection serves to offer you the honest and unbiased advice you need before making this important decision. Our ultimate goal is that property buyers can make an informed decisión on their investment.

How we do it

  Our inspections are unbiased and non-invasive with excellent standards of practice.
  Our methodical and investigative approach to the inspection process gives our customers the knowledge and confidence to protect their purchase.
  We’ll methodically assess the property’s overall condition, educating you on our findings so that you can determine whether or not the state of the property confirms or contradicts your expectations.
  We try to determine the defect’s source and whether there are underlying issues, investigating as deeply as posible during a visual and non invasive inspection.

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Cuting Edge Technology

Thermal Imaging

Each Inspection is centered around thoroughness and precisión, including the use of thermal imaging when necessary to qualify areas of energy loss or invasive moisture.

Roof Aerial Inspection

We’re able to inspect a key part of the property, such as the roof thanks to our Dji Mavic Pro drone. We remotely control the drone from the ground, taking detailed photographs and video with a high-resolution camera.

Moisture meter

A moisture meter will be used to determine if an area is unexpectedly wet or dry. High moisture may progressively degrade the property and it's one of the main risks to be identified.

The Inspection Report

Every inspection that we perform is followed by a detailed report explaining all the findings. Your report will be delivered directly to you and includes several photographs and video clips when necessary to coincide with the written sumaries.

We also add maintenace tips related to the inspected property. While we recommend what to fix, we often refer the ‘how to’ to an expert. It’s very important to review the full report to ensure that you have all the information from the inspection before proceeding.

How we can also help property sellers

Home inspections can be beneficial for home sellers as well as buyers. We evaluate the property for any defective components that you may wish to have repaired or simply mention when showing it. This will give you a more accurate idea of the property’s value and promote smoother negotiations when a buyer is made aware of existing issues.

This inspection can simplify and speed up the sale of your home and if you think your property is in good condition and want to reflect that fact on the price, you can use a powerful tool for it: our inspection report.

Why you should hire us

At Property Check Spain, we know how good homes are put together and how, over time, they can start to come apart. We perform each home inspection with safety and personal well-being in mind so that our clients can be confident in a home’s condition before committing to a purchase. If you are a seller we can help you with our inspections to maximize your home value and make the selling process easier.

From a legal and tax perspective we are also experts and we can help you when getting involved in a home buying or selling transaction, avoiding unpleasant surprises and making the process smoother.

Finally, if you are thinking of getting Spanish Residency through property purchase, we have the expertise to advice you all the way through.